A Private Uranium Investment Opportunity

Nick Hodge and I are in New Orleans for the 2021 New Orleans Investment Conference.

It was the first conference of its kind I ever attended, and it’s great to be presenting alongside Nick. I’m thankful to Brien Lundin and his team for putting together another great group of speakers and exhibitors and it has been great to see the excellent turnout.

The city itself — despite the multiple recent setbacks — remains resilient as ever. The food is still great, the drinks are still great, and it's clear the spirit of the city is intact.

One of my favorite things to do here is to take advantage of the excellent roster of speakers and see what’s on their radar. Call it a temperature check.

As someone that has usually done best doing what most people are going to do before they start doing it... it’s always curious to me what is now on the radar of the experts sharing their cutting-edge research.

It’s great to see that the bulk of the research Nick and I have been providing you has been spot on.

The consensus now is that inflation is probably not transitory. You knew that last year.

Several speakers have also highlighted the incredible opportunity — a generational one —  that the precious metals equities present. We’ve been telling you that for months.

You already know that the green metals — copper and lithium for example — are doing great because subscribers have been positioned in those metals... way ahead of the herd, as Mr. James Dines says.

Nick calls it inflation profits.

The new commodity on several presenters’ radar is one Nick and I also positioned you in ahead of the herd: uranium.

It’s now clear — several hundred percent later — that the fundamentals in uranium are heavily tilted in one direction.

Nearly everyone agrees that we are in the early stages of a massive bull run in the uranium price and the uranium equities as there are few quality ways to play it.

I’ve not only found a uranium stock that I believe has its best days ahead of it but also a lithium play for institutions, family offices, and those looking for a liquid way to gain some lithium exposure and a tiny company that has gold, silver, and copper exposure along with double-digit royalties and exploration projects.

You can click here for my latest research on these three companies.

For those of you that are accredited investors, Junior Resource Insider is currently offering access to a private uranium company that I believe has the potential to deliver 1,000% plus gains in this uranium cycle.

It’s a private company that will be public in the next few months and is raising money at a fraction of what I believe it will trade at when it goes public.

To get access to that deal click here.

Let's get it,

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