A Private Placement Primer - Bizarro World 205

The bulk of episode 205 of Investing in Bizarro World is dedicated to private placements. Nick and Gerardo discuss how they first got started doing private placements and why they can be so lucrative. They discuss what being “accredited” means and how you can start participating in private placements on your own. And they talk about what they look for when writing checks directly to companies, including management, share structure, and if there is scalability. 

The remainder of the episode gives a broad market update, including a look at the major indices and gold. They also spend a few minutes discussing the recent State of the Union address. And the episode concludes with what they’re looking for in the investing week ahead. 

0:00 Intro
1:35 Why You Should Be Doing Private Placements (plus how to do them and what to look for)
25:45 Broad Market Update: Indices & Gold
29:50 The State of the Union Is…
34:58 Wrap Up & Week Ahead