A Journey in Gold Profits

Last week, we talked about gold’s resilient performance so far this year in the face of faltering markets, a strong dollar, and an overly-hawkish Fed that just raised again. 

A Journey in Gold Profits.

And while that inevitable forthcoming pivot by Powell & Co. may come just a bit later than expected, there’s still a lot of money to be made in the gold space this year… particularly in the junior explorers.

My colleagues Gerardo Del Real and Nick Hodge just returned from the Beaver Creek Precious Metals Summit in Colorado where some 200 mining companies were presenting to investors, financial institutions, and corporate development groups. 

There was a ton of buzz in the room… with a particular focus on battery metals like lithium and nickel and, of course, gold and silver. 

And while virtually all of the companies there would prefer their share prices to be a bit higher… the bottom line is that a contrarian buy window is beginning to form in the space. 

Most of the mid-tiers and majors have seen their market value cut in half over the last six or so months… and a lot of quality juniors are trading at or near their 52-week lows. 

In other words, now is a good time to start looking at some of the better names in the space. And, importantly, the market is still rewarding juniors with solid drill results. 

Nick just released an exclusive video presentation from his recent mine site visit to one such speculation.

It’s a junior explorer-developer that’s drilling now in the gold-rich state of Idaho.

This is a company that already has 4 million gold ounces and is drilling to find even more… including some deeper holes. 

That’s exciting because some of those deeper holes are already showing that mineralization is increasing in grade at-depth — in some cases twice the gold grade. 

And like I said, the market is indeed rewarding juniors that are turning up good widths and grades via the drill-bit. 

The company currently has two rigs turning and will be releasing additional results over the coming weeks and months. 

It also just increased the size of its land package by acquiring a number of key mineral claims that offer excellent potential for near-term resource expansion. 

So while it’s one thing to read a company’s press releases and filings, which, of course, you should always do, it’s quite another to have your boots-on-the-ground at the mine itself.

And that’s precisely what Nick is inviting you to do by watching his video presentation. 

He literally brings you along for the ride as he tours the mine and meets with the company’s upper management and geologists. 

It really doesn’t get any more hands-on, or should I say, boots-on-the-ground than that.

Plus, it’s a unique and timely opportunity to learn something new about how these projects are put together and advanced through mapping, sampling, and drilling.  

If you’ve never been on a mine site visit yourself, Nick’s video is truly the next best thing… and possibly even better if the company continues hitting the types of gold grades it’s been hitting thus far. 

So strap in… it’s time to go on an exclusive mine site visit from the comfort of your own home.

Nick Hodge at Americas Next Biggest Gold Mine.

Mike Fagan

Mike Fagan
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle