A Digital Dispatch on Tech & Bitcoin - Bizarro World 255

And that’s because inflation is staying higher for longer. 

So the middle class gets it from both sides. Ain’t monetary policy fun? 

Still, while the Fed is less than honorable, longer-term rates not influenced by their dot plots are sniffing out the truth. They are coming down, ensuring the yield curve remains inverted, signaling economic trouble ahead — and allowing gold to remain bullish as well. 

We spend a third of this week’s Investing in Bizarro World on this all-important, and increasingly complex, tapdance between the government, the Fed, major macro indicators, and the people. 

But at the end of the day, the stock market is not the economy. Tech stocks remain strong. Artificial intelligence continues to be a major market-driving narrative. Crypto is long-term bullish, perhaps even more so with any future stimulus spurred by economic weakness. 

At any rate, we give a digital dispatch on the current state of tech and bitcoin. 

Then we get into hydrogen, and how it is turning into a long-term contrarian energy play. 

And then we can’t help but talk about government ineptitudes and hot-button topics. 

So you really get your money’s worth this week.

0:00 Intro
1:10 Fed Guts Middle Class with Inflation 
7:00 Gold Stays Bullish
12:31 A Digital Dispatch on Tech & Bitcoin
17:35 Hydrogen Emerging as Contrarian Energy Solution
24:50 The Duplicitous Nature of Bureaucracy