A Deep Dive on Private Placements - Bizarro World 270

If you only ever listen to one episode of our podcast, make it this one. 

Not only is it the perfect supplement for members of our paid services, but it also gives those of you who don’t yet use them a feel for how we look at and invest in the markets. 

We — being me and Gerardo — manage our money in multiple ways, over various time horizons, and with different risk profiles. 

The 270th episode of Investing in Bizarro World perfectly epitomizes those strategies.

We cover recent macro happenings, including “cooling” inflation and the return of meme stocks. But we also go much deeper than the meows to show why we’re in an environment where meme stocks can go up in the first place, which is much more valuable information for serious investors. 

Then we spend a few minutes on recent policy actions and initiatives that are affecting our investments and speculations, including cannabis rescheduling, the banning of Russian uranium imports, and tariffs on Chinese-made rare earth magnets. 

Cannabis Stocks for Election Year

Here is the best way to position

And that’s only half the episode. 

We also tell our private placement genesis stories and tease an upcoming live webinar we’re having. Private placements aren’t for everyone. But you really should find out if they are for you. We’ve used them to turn every $10,000 invested into over $1 million on a single stock. So if you are able to invest that much in high-risk deals, you should check out what we have to say about private placements. 

Then we wrap up with an update on Patriot Battery Metals, which is a stock our members have made as much as 111-times their money on. And Gerardo teases the next big private placement he’s doing.

Plus: a quick check-in with the bull markets in gold, silver, and PGMs.

It’s all in the 270th episode of Investing in Bizarro World. You can watch the full episode here. 

0:00 Intro
1:25 Dumb Money
8:27 Profiting from the Inflation Looking Glass
15:41 Private Placement Intel Live Webinar 
27:52 Sleepy Joe Wakes Up: Cannabis, Uranium, Rare Earth Tariffs
34:15 Patriot Battery Update
40:20 Market Watching: Gold, Silver, PGMs, and Bravo Mining