A Deep Dive Into Lithium

Gerardo Del Real here to tell you that the June issue of Junior Resource Monthly is now available. 

Junior Resource Monthly Issue, Lithium Deep Dive, Uranium Pullback

We're going to do a deep dive this month into the lithium space. Goldman Sachs believes the top is in on the lithium price, and I like to disagree with Goldman Sachs and profit from it. 

This issue takes a look at a play that's already up some 800% for us, and I think is just getting going. We'll talk about how to safeguard some of those profits, and also what kind of runway I believe that company has. 

We're going to get into this most recent uranium pullback, which I think is and is going to offer pretty compelling entry points for a lot of the newer subscribers.

We'll also go through all of the portfolio news. 

We had one company that was bought out… And we have a junior that's onto what I believe is a significant lithium discovery in Nevada. 

All that is in the June issue. 

Every month, members of Junior Resource Monthly get a monthly issue going over the macro, the micro, my two cents, and coverage on any material news for all of the companies in the portfolio. 

To get this month’s issue, and everything else the service has to offer, click here! 

Gerardo Del Real

Gerardo Del Real
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle