A big tech win with more to come

Since last week: A pullback in the Dow happened toward the end of the week after the recent rally. 

1. Pocketing Nvidia Gains

Nvidia continued to lead the market, shattering earnings expectations recently and seeing its value rise as a result. We banked a big win on Nvidia through Profit Cycle Pro but still remain bullish on the stock. If you want to learn about other tech and AI-related stocks we think have potential for big wins, then click here to take a look at what the editorial team at Digital Dispatch is watching

2. The White House’s Nuclear Plans

The White House recently announced plans to support the development of new nuclear plants here in the US. Doing so will help combat rising security-related costs and competition from renewable energy. The Biden administration has long understood that nuclear is the only way to meet electricity demand and is taking crucial steps to make widespread nuclear power a reality. Click here to learn how you can profit from the uranium that makes this possible

The solution to the copper shortage

The solution to the world’s copper shortage is in the water. 

Blue Water, to be exact. 

This company’s liquid formula can get copper out of waste rock, and that’s going to make anyone who invests in this company very wealthy. 

Click here to learn more

3. The White House’s Green Energy Plans

Continuing to show its commitment to move away from fossil fuels, the Biden administration also launched an initiative to bolster the power grid this past week. This will involve working with states to make fixes and improvements to the grid as well as expanding and modernizing them. These are necessary steps to implementing renewable energy and prevent widespread outages caused by extreme weather. This massive undertaking is going to involve working with a lot of different partner companies. Find out which ones you can invest in to profit by clicking here

4. Sideways Crypto

Cryptocurrency prices have experienced mostly sideways trading in the days since the Ethereum ETF. This creates a buying opportunity for assets that have tailwinds behind them to push toward massive gains. Click here to learn all about what lies ahead for the crypto market and what you should be buying

What to Look For

News just came out that the economy grew at a slower pace than initially thought in Q1. If the trend continues, it could mean trouble ahead before the end of the year.

Keep your eyes open,

Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle