2023 Market Outlook: More Downs Than Ups

Since last week: 

The first week of the year is over and the market experienced some ups and downs. Experts are expecting more downs than ups. 

2023 Market Outlook: More Downs Than Ups

1. The Coming Recession

Any day now. That’s when the recession is due to start according to experts and analysts on Wall Street. The year, many believe, will be a rough one. Especially the first half. After that, opinions range from things being mild to flat. Making sure you invest defensively is the only way to weather it no matter which way things turn. 

2. The Rise of EV Factories

More investment is going into building auto factories than there has been in years, all thanks for the rise in EVs. This applies to plants where the cars are assembled as well as to plants where batteries are made. The car companies are all racing to grab their piece of the market, and the miners who supply them with lithium will win no matter who comes out on top. 

3. Gold Going Up

Gold hit a six-month high earlier this month and it’s looking like it’s only the beginning. The $1850 price that it touched is a key resistance level and anticipated Fed policy could help the price move beyond that in the coming months. For investors, that means the time to get in before gold takes off is quickly dwindling.  

4. Britain’s Nuclear Fund

Britain just announced that it will be accepting applications for its nuclear fuel fund. The money is aimed at awarding grants to companies that can convert uranium into nuclear fuel. This is just the latest development illustrating how crucial this metal is to our energy future, and it’s why it will be one of the biggest investments of the next few years. 

What to Look For:

As the economic picture looks increasingly grim, look for more insight into areas that will be looked at as havens. Gold is poised to be one and commodities another.

Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle