The Largest Legal Weed Market in the World

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[From Nick Hodge’s Family Office Advantage, 3/18/2021]

How many shoeshine boy moments have we had now?

Every pizza delivery kid is already in crypto and has told their customers about it. And yet, say hello to bitcoin $60,000.

Likewise with stocks. From Robinhood to Portnoy to neophytes making Youtube videos about trading options... the signs of euphoria are everywhere.

And yet, the bubble marches on, fueled by the hot air of governments and central banks. Did you get your stimmy yet?

Last week, I told you that stocks were still bullish but that the bull had been wounded. I didn’t know if it was fatal. Still don’t.

We did put in a new high in stocks over the past week. That came after the soothing tones of J. Powell.
But we saw another stumble today. Wincing from the wound, perhaps. Still too early to tell if the Feds nursing will be enough.

Caution on the macro front remains prudent.

The VIX and copper still say everything is ok. But doctors get it wrong sometimes, too.

Anyone who tells you they know the nt move is as full of hot air as [insert your favorite politician here].

Staying with Cannabis

Last week, legislation was introduced in Mexico that could make recreational cannabis legal. This comes only months after Mexico issued regulations for medical marijuana. Legalization there, with 130 million citizens, would make it the largest legal recreational market in the world.

The U.S. market, of course, would be at least twice as large. But the ganja is still a no-no in the freest country in the world. That won’t last much longer. The Mexican domino might push it over.

The alcohol industry has now taken its stake, and their lobbying arm — the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America — is now telling the government how to rollout legalization. You know that’s how things work, right?
The issue went on to cover four active cannabis recommendations that are for active members only.

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