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Editor’s Note: Below you’ll find an example of the quality and depth of research you get with my Family Office Advantage. It’s a follow-up interview with the President and CEO of a cannabidiol (CBD) pharmaceutical company we began buying shares of last month. Premium readers are in this, and two other very attractive cannabis speculations. Learn more about Family Office Advantage here. And check out a sample of what members receive, below.

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We started buying Cardiol Therapeutics (TSX: CRDL)(OTC: CRTPF) below C$4.00 in early February. It currently has a market capitalization of ~C$165 million.

Cardiol has a number of upcoming catalysts that I believe will see shares trade higher. It is about to begin the largest randomized controlled clinical trial ever conducted with cannabidiol (CBD). The double-blind, placebo-controlled US FDA phase II/III clinical trial is designed to see if CardiolRx, a pharmaceutically produced extra-strength cannabidiol formulation, acts as a cardioprotective therapy to reduce mortality and major cardiovascular events in COVID-19 patients who have a prior history of, or risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

The other benefit of this trial is it could open much larger market opportunities, such as heart failure, but also orphan drug eligible programs, such as acute myocarditis, which is the second trial the company will conduct. In Q4, Cardiol expects to begin its investigative new drug application with the FDA for an international phase two clinical trial in acute myocarditis.

Cardiol is also in the process of uplisting to the NASDAQ.

It is important to note that GW Pharma is the only company so far to have a CBD drug approved. It was taken out recently by Jazz Pharmaceuticals for $7 billion. That’s some 45X higher than Cardiol’s current valuation, and Cardiol is targeting much larger indications.

We continue to buy the stock below C$4.00, though it hasn’t been there since early March.

I got Cardiol CEO David Elsley on the phone to discuss all these upcoming milestones. You can click here to watch or read it.

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