Bizarro World Episode 134: The Modern Day Colosseum



Uranium is off to the races. We discuss what kicked it off, who saw it coming, and where it could go from here. Gold: When do the fundamentals catch up? How we approach and value speculations. Biden’s corporate tax rate was all bark. How cops steal from the public via civil asset forfeiture. And is there a new investment scam emerging?

0:00  Uranium: 

  • Price still below production costs
  • WallStreetBets 
  • Everyone’s Gonna Be a Uranium Expert
  • Staying on the Bull
  • How High Could It Go?

13:43 Gold: When Do the Fundamentals Catch Up?
22:31 Valuing Speculations
28:34 Maderna Lady & Vaccine Mandate Hypocrisy 
35:17 Corporate Tax Rate Under Biden & Other Boogeymen
41:45 How Cops Steal from the Public (Police Interdiction aka Civil Asset Forfeiture)
54:35 New Investment Scam Emerging?