Bizarro World Episode 129: All the Presidents’ Checks



Jobs are up and gold is down. Labor is short while rent is free. Is delta going to derail the recovery? Is Andrew Cuomo going to jail? Does Stansberry rip off Nick’s ideas and sell them as its own? Plus: What copper and the VIX are telling us...

2:09 Market: Jobs Up, Gold Down
5:32 Delta & The Recovery
8:19 Labor Shortage & Free Rent
12:33 Is Andrew Cuomo Going to Jail?
19:12 Copper & VIX
22:04 Mexican Gov’t Sues US Gun Manufacturers
30:50 Stansberry Research and Eric Wade Steal Nick Hodge’s Ideas
34:22 DaBaby & Da Westboro Baptist Church & DaDave Grohl
39:33 Market Thoughts