Bizarro World Episode 120: Globalization via Crypto & Taxes



Commodities are still inflating in price as shortages emerge for lots of products. We discuss how the two are related. Naomi Osaka shows a new generation is rising. An an in-depth discussion on globalization via cryptocurrencies and taxes. Plus: cannabis and silver and copper stocks.

1:40 Invisible Sculpture Sells for $18,000
4:00 Commodities Still Inflating: Oil, Copper, Uranium
6:35 Shortages of Everything
14:26 Nick’s Lemon Truck
20:07 Naomi Osaka: New Generation of Athletes
31:42 Trump’s Return?
32:48 Amazon Backing Weed
33:36 Taxes: Corporations Are Gatekeepers of America
36:30 Global Minimum Corporate Tax
44:00 What We’re Watching: Cannabis & Silver & Copper Stocks
49:00 Private Placement Accreditation Discussion
53:20 Elections in Peru

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