Bizarro World Episode 110: Fight the Fed or It Will Fight You



Gerardo and Nick talk about harnessing the gains the Fed is fanning with its loose money policy while being ideologically opposed to the results it’s creating. Also: Restricting access to the ballot, the China problem, and taxes are about to go up. 

0:40 Fighting the Fed & Making Money
4:17 Commodities & Precious Metals
6:35 Junior Drill Results: Gold Bull Resources, New Placer Dome Gold
12:40 Restricting Access to the Ballot
20:08 Recent Shootings: Atlanta, Boulder
30:12 NFTs: BrooklynbridgeNFT, JeffBezosForeskin, Fyre Festival
34:08 China: Biden & Bill Maher
40:20 Semiconductor Chip Shortage
43:14 Taxes Going Up & Restaffing IRS
49:26 What to Watch in the Market