The Best Commodities to Invest in Today

What stock market sectors are outperforming now?

With the dollar still weak, commodities have been the place to be. They are still inflating largely across the board, including copper but especially uranium and energy (oil and gas).

Natural gas surged to over $6.00 this week and we’re only a few days into fall.

natural gas chart

Things that are priced in dollars, like commodities, continue to inflate. It’s spilling over into fertilizer.

And things that use these commodities as an input cost more as a result. 

How to Invest in Commodities Right Now

There are lots of ways to invest across the commodity spectrum.

You can own funds that track a commodity’s price… funds that track companies that produce a specific commodity… large producers of a commodity… or companies that are exploring for a commodity.

I personally invest in individual commodities like copper, uranium, and even helium by funding small start-ups in the space and looking to ride them for large exits.

It’s something I’ve done many times before. One uranium company that members and I owned recently received a takeout offer for $132 million, allowing us to make several times our initial investment.

And now we’re building a position in this helium company that I think will be next.

I have built a large position and have recommended readers do the same.

Time is running out to do that for reasons you’ll see in my report here, which is why this information has to be taken down on September 30th.

Not only is helium surging in price like other gases because of inflationary pressures… but because of a unique set of timely circumstances that you’ll see in the video.

My research shows a ride to 3,000% with a single stock could start in two days. See why here.

Call it like you see it, 

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